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In the fall of 2012, after the recent passing of their 84 year old mother, Jean
Marie Sigler Kusterbeck, two brothers were facing the difficult task of going
through her belongings. Closets, and dressers, and bookcases, and desks had
all been explored, sorted through, and emptied. Ahead lay the arduous undertaking
of the overflowing attic. Who knew what would be found in that dusty space.
They had already made some surprising discoveries about their family’s
past when they had earlier come upon a small box filled with love letters written by
their maternal grandparents. They learned that their grandfather, Albert Sigler,
had sailed aboard the D.D. Rotterdam from New York City to Paris, France in
1926 as part of a college study program. He spent several weeks studying the
history and architecture of many magnificent French cities, palaces, and chateaux.
While there, he faithfully wrote descriptive letters to his love and fiancée, Rose Tumovec,
who awaited him back in the United States. Just as faithfully, Rose also wrote to her
betrothed, anxious for his return. The brothers were thrilled and fascinated with this glimpse
into their ancestral past. The letters were carefully returned to the box where they were found,
and put aside for safekeeping.Audemars Piguet Imitation      Hublot Imitation

As they began hauling down boxes, and bags, and cartons from the attic space, a dusty, heavy, battered suitcase caught their attention.
Curious as to its contents, they stopped to inspect it. Inside was a well preserved 1920’s era camera, along with two time worn photo albums.
Opening the first album revealed an amazing collection of photographs taken by their grandfather while on his trip abroad. Each
photograph had been carefully mounted on the black album pages, with handwritten descriptions under each image. All of the adventures
they had previously read about in his letters suddenly came to life as they turned each page. Albert Sigler had taken nearly 200
photos during his time in France. He had also collected almost as many postcards,replica omega which were found just as carefully mounted in the
second album. Ultimately the brothers found their grandfather’s Travel Journal, and even more letters and postcards. In the years since
this discovery, the brothers, Stephen Paul Kusterbeck and William Albert Kusterbeck have been drawn back again and again
to the allure of these amazing images that first captured their imaginations. It sparked a desire to share these vintage, yet timeless
photographs with others who would appreciate the magic …Of Paris Past! Patek Philippe Imitation

Enjoy the Journey